Chaganela tea

Chaga 100%25 přírodní

Chaganela tea

We introduce a series of Siberian čagového tea brand Chaganela with the addition of Siberian herbs and plants produced according to old recipes. This time čagy great content is a natural healthy beverage, which is very popular in Siberia. It has excellent properties, rejuvenates and refreshes and revitalizes the organism. It contains only natural ingredients, dried and crushed Siberian Siberian čagy with a mixture of herbs.

Exceptional taste, color, smell! Siberian Cágová tea is a combination of innovative technology, traditional recipes and organic ingredients. You experience the true power of the wild!

The content of substances

Vitamins, glycosides, alkaloids, saponins, enzymes, org. acid, pectin and other biologically active substances which are beneficial to human health and which are present in tea in large quantities.

CagA has unique healing properties, allowing its widespread use in folk medicine.

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Přírodní 100% produkt

Healthy living is impossible without a healthy and balanced diet
rich in vitamins and minerals.

With proper diet can eliminate stomach problems, get rid of the pain during physical activities,
have beautiful hair and enjoy more energy.

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Preparation process


Chaga 100%25 přírodní

Rapid method of preparation:

  • 1 teaspoon pour boiling water and leave to infuse for at least 5-6 minutes

Relaxation method of preparation:

  • We recommend preparing a one-liter container and steep for at least an hour or more
  • The ideal is to put the kettle on stand with tealight (fire power maintains a constant temperature and can Chaga sip throughout the day)
  • Add warm water around 80 degrees C. The mixture can be put into the bag to tea, eggs or teapot with strainer (tea bags sold for example. Drogerie DM)
  • Chaga can be prepared repeatedly, but the first leachate is always the most
During the steeping process, they secrete substances which possess antioxidant capabilities. Promote health, youth and longevity! It is advisable to add lemon and honey to taste, stevia or milk. Cagua can add to the variety of herbal teas. The strength of tea you determine for yourself the amount of bulk mixtures.

Tea from Chaga enjoy as an everyday beverage to supplement the necessary vitamins and trace elements. Chaga Chaganela tea you can drink a day instead of the usual black or green tea. The unique combination of flavors to capture the smell of the forest, the awakening of nature, morning dew and all in one cup of tea čagového.

Enjoy the health benefits of mushrooms miraculous!



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Difference between
Chaganela extract & tea (two different products)

Chaga extract

  • It is 100% natural sponge CagA, which has undergone a technological process called extraction. This process activated the drug substance from čagy which are inactive in the raw natural Caze. This activation is only possible through a process called extraction. Extraction allows the release of biologically active substances that become accessible to human metabolism and gain, therapeutic effects. Extraction with a highly concentrated fine instant powder, dust, has a pleasant taste and is readily soluble in water. Siberian extract can be combined with čagovým tea Chaganela.
  • For more serious health problems we recommend using only CagA extract is several times greater than the therapeutic effects of Chaga tea!

Chaga tea

  • It contains only natural ingredients, dried and crushed Siberian fungus Chaga, which went through a process of steam. Chaga tea is a refreshing natural healthy beverage, which strongly supports health, strengthens the immune system, detoxifies.
  • It does, but smaller concentration of biologically active (medicinal) product than Chaga extract. It is recommended as a substitute for green and black tea. Stronger healing effects also, but must drink regularly and over a long period.
  • People who drink Chaga extract or Chaga tea regularly, usually look much younger and live very long.

Our Chaganela Chaganela tea extract and is made exclusively from natural, hand-picked Siberian čagy that grows on birch to 25 years.



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