Taking Chaganela extract

Chaga capsulesh

The concentrated extract Chaganela

The capsule contains: Extract 500mg
Composition: 100% concentrated extract of Siberian čagy
Use: drink plenty of water, at least 200 ml.


Chaga kapsle

Chaga powder

The concentrated extract Chaganela

Composition: 100% concentrated extract of Siberian čagy
Use: Pour into a glass and pour 200 ml of water (in that order). Drink on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before eating a meal. (Enclosed dosing spoon = 1 gram).

Chaga nápoj
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Dosage Chaganela extract

Chaga dávkování

When prevention - for the promotion and preservation of health:
1 gram (2 capsules) per day

When serious problems:
2 g (4 capsules) a day. Divide into 2 doses.

When cancer (chemotherapy, radiation, etc.):
up to 3 g (6 capsules) per day. Divide into 3 daily doses


In the event of a downgrading to take only 1 gram (2 capsules) Chaganela extract daily. The dose can be reduced or increased to 5 grams (10 capsules) čagy day, in which case it will always be split into multiple daily doses. It always depends on the overall condition and constitution of the recipient. We recommend to use even several months after the convection treatment and as prevention. Prevention is the way to win a long battle with cancer.



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Questions and answers


  How long Chaganela extract čagy work?

Treatment Siberian CGoA takes time. Most health problems each builds therein for a long time. If you use the extract čagy regularly, you can expect a favorable effect for 3-6 months. The ideal body condition is 12 months. CagA must have enough time to work. Often, but seeing the positive reactions during the first weeks of use, and especially for people whose illness associated with stomach and digestive tract. Strengthens intestinal peristalsis. The first days or weeks of using body performs stronger cleansing, which can be accompanied - poor complexion, loose stools, fatigue. After several days, the condition is normalized.

  Consumed quantities

Even consuming a small amount of CagA concentrated extract significantly benefit your health. It can be taken with other drugs, and does not affect the treatment has a positive effect on adverse drug effects.

  It is Siberian Chaga taken on an empty stomach or after a meal?

The preparation used fasting begins act faster and better. In some cases, but & nbsp; may cause diarrhea (chemotherapy, antibiotic therapy etc.). That can happen when you do not completely in & nbsp; order the intestinal microflora and & nbsp; the body begins to clean. If you are using it for food, will work more slowly, but again avoids these problems. We recommend that you try the extract on an empty stomach. If you will not make trouble, take a couple of days after eating and then try again on an empty stomach. If the condition does not improve - & nbsp; Only take after meals. If diarrhea persists, reduce the dose. Conversely, the & nbsp; If necessary, the dose can be increased. You can add yogurt or sprinkle extract porridge.

  Siberian Chaga is suitable for athletes?

The short answer is & ndash; Yes. CagA is a powerful adaptogen. Adaptogens among other things, improve the ability to overcome stressful conditions. Improving overcome fatigue and stress. And will help to improve endurance. Improve the negative response of the organism to extreme psychological and physical stress

  May have the use of a Siberian Chaga any side effects?

CagA is natural BRM (biological response modifiers). It's & nbsp; natural, safe and effective care of your health. & nbsp; Normalizes function of the immune system. It is not possible to overdose and there are no known harmful side effects. Siberian CagA can be used with other drugs and does not affect the treatment. Conversely, a positive effect on adverse drug effects. Positive effects are in the course of chemotherapy and radiation irradiation.

CagA has been classified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a food. Caze the World Health Organization (WHO) granted GRAS status (ie. Completely approved as safe). It may be legally distributed in & nbsp; the European Union and is classified by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) as a medicinal mushroom.


  When not using Chaganela extract Chaga!

Do not use when applying medication to reduce immunity (after organ transplants). In this case, the supporting ability of the immune čagy neutralize this treatment. CagA may increase the risk of hypoglycemia (ie. Too low blood sugar), and in people who are sensitive to it and taking antidiabetic drugs. Symptoms of hypoglycemia are shakiness, hunger, confusion, dizziness, weakness, anxiety, and difficulty talking. Do not use if you are allergic to mushrooms.

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