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Siberian chaga

It is highly prized fungus with stimulating effects, long used in traditional Siberian and Chinese herbalism. It occurs in the colder regions of northern Asia and northern Europe. CagA grows on live Břízách, preserves its nutrients beneficial energy and then transmits it to us consumers. CagA is the largest storehouse of medicinal and healing properties that can be found in a sponge or herb.

Chaganela extrakt

It is a dietary supplement made from a Siberian čagy latest sublimation method of freeze-dry. This method allows the release of valuable polysaccharides which are attached to the cell wall of fungi and which thus become accessible to human metabolism (extraction are activated active substance in the sponge CagA). Using this method yields a highly concentrated extract with therapeutic effects, which contains up to 10 times more active ingredients than the raw Siberian CagA. High concentration of biologically active substances!


What you need to know about Chaganela extract?

It is made from hand-picked natural čagy from ecologically clean areas of Siberia. There are no added preservatives or agents. Only 100% natural Chaga.

Physical properties: fine instant powder, dust-free, pleasant taste. Rapidly soluble in water. As confirmation of the quality we developed an internationally recognized laboratory in Brunswick USA ORAC test. Certificate of health issued by the National Health Security Institute in Prague.


Chaga prášek
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How Chaganela extract helps

If we want to live long and healthily, it is important for us to take as much antioxidants. Many studies have shown that the amount of antioxidants that really need is much higher than can offer a diet. Chaganela extract contains the largest quantities of these substances, which act as a precaution against aging and disease. As we age, decreasing the number of healthy cells in our body so we need antioxidants for their restoration. Antioxidants are important for our health!

What are Antioxidants

Antioxidants are molecules that slow or prevent the oxidation of other molecules in the body. They are fighting for our health.

They could explain their function všimněmte how Brown cut out portion apples when exposed to air. It is the oxidative damage. If we knockouts part of the apples in lemon juice, antioxidant (vitamin C) will slow the browning. In the same way protects the antioxidants in the extract Chaganela cells and organs of our body against damage.


Prevention and accompanying treatment of cancer

(Chemotherapy, radiotherapy)


Support for the heart and blood circulation

(Regulation of blood pressure, cholesterol reduction, prevention of cardiac or stroke)


Support for treatment of skin diseases

(Acne, eczema, psoriasis)


Elimination of chronic constipation

(Regulation of stomach and intestinal problems)


Control of blood sugar levels


General strengthening of the immune system

(Optimizing resistance to diseases and infections)

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use up to
100 days
Chaga extrakt 100g

Chaga extrakt 100g

Concentrated extract

starts at $ 65.17
use up to
45 days
Chaga capsule - 90ks

Chaga capsule - 90ks

Concentrated extract

starts at $ 43.43
use up to
75 days
Chaga capsule - 150ks

Chaga capsule - 150ks

Concentrated extract

starts at $ 65.17


Comparison of the content of antioxidants in substances

ORAC is a method developed by scientists in the US to measure the health value of certain foods. There are 5 main oxygen species that cause oxidative damage in the body. This leads to aging, disease, and possibly cancer. ORAC assay indicates the ability of antioxidants to absorb these free radicals. The higher the ORAC value, the healthier food, better protection for the body and brain.

Chaga Orac Test


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Why is the best CagA from Siberia

CagA from Siberia is much better and more effective in antioxidants than those grown in other areas?

Yes, it is due to the purity of the Siberian wilderness and local extreme cold winters. Siberian CagA is incomparably better than CagA from other areas in the world and this makes it a very powerful antioxidant. Siberian CagA has a high therapeutic efficacy. CagA has different properties depending on the production area, harvest time, age, and of course the final processing - the extraction procedure. CagA that contains more active ingredients in what has grown harsher climates. Siberian climate area create conditions for the emergence of natural adaptogens that help fight stress. CagA is most effective in areas where common winter temperatures falling below -40 ° C and where extreme temperatures.

The local population collects Cagua since time immemorial. Harvesting is carried out from July to November and to obtain 10 kg čagy to be explored about 1500 birch trees in local forests impermeable. CagA grows at a height 2.5 to 7.5 m, which makes harvesting very difficult. Collection must be thrifty and frugal, not to interrupted power excessive forest harvesting wild čagy. After twenty years of CagA is considered an adult.

The best quality CagA is at the age of about 25 years and there is currently focused product Chaganela extract!

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