Influence Chaganela extract for constipation
and digestive tract

What is constipation - feeling unwell, abdominal pain associated with flatulence. This term means a difficult evacuation of hard stools, which is accompanied by discomfort.

Creeping Death comes from the gut. Rotten deposition in the gut is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and fungi, which reproduce here.

The human body is not almost any organ in which depends on the state and throughout the body, such as the intestine. If the digestive tract is not in order, it immediately shows on welfare and human appearance. Poor bowel function means a lot of trouble!


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Chaganela extract normalizes the digestive system
and eliminating problems with emptying, already within a few days

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How to make bowel function as a clock?

It seems very simple. Take Chaganela extract which is produced from Siberian čagy and contains a large amount of dietary fiber that promotes peristalsis and thus the natural bowel cleansing.

Siberian extract acts as a proven supportive agent in the treatment of digestive diseases, ulcers and diseases of the digestive tract. He was used in the treatment of chronic gastritis, and polyps. It has overall toning effect on the body and normalizes enzymatic functions that are impaired disease. Keeps the digestive balance in our body health and vitality!

Detoxification of organism

the most basic measures to solve any health problems. It needs to eat the right foods rich in fiber. Today's modern diet contains far less fiber than is necessary.

Lack of fiber leads to difficulties digestive tract, constipation and related skin problems and a general deterioration of health!


Why Siberian extract CHAGANELA?

  • By leveraging the latest manufacturing methods sublimation Chaganela extract it contains the highest amount of available active substances
  • It contains dietary fiber
  • Normalizes the excretory system and fix problems with emptying
  • Strongly supports the digestive system and cleanses the liver and kidneys, which are the main detoxifying organs metabolism
  • They serve as food for the beneficial gut bacteria
  • Helps eliminate heavy metals, toxic substances
  • Provide the body with B vitamins and other biologically active substances, which are necessary for the functioning of the immune system
  • Prevention of colon cancer, concomitant treatment

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How to cleanse the bowels

  • At least temporarily, treat yourself to soft foods
  • If you eat breakfast porridge of oatmeal with dried fruit, provide a lot of fiber in the body and prevent constipation
  • Put a glass of warm water fasting
  • Eat lots of vegetables and fruits
  • Decoction of caraway, fennel and anise act against excessive flatulence

Improve your quality of life and support your health!

Only Siberian nature will ensure an effective result - no side effects and consequences. Many people in our country and abroad use Chaganela extract rid of this problem.

Belly has always been a symbol of prosperity and well-being. Contented tummy "It determines the level of our satisfaction." Whether an empty belly or bloated affects our mood. And if you have pain, it does not own. Belly will not leave you alone until about him unconcerned!


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Chaga extrakt 100g

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Chaga capsule - 90ks

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Chaga capsule - 150ks

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What is constipation

is the designation of disorders manifested difficult and infrequent stool excretion. The result is a bloated and painful abdomen, sporadic and painful bowel movements, which is usually very stiff. Constipation is unpopular intimate matter, which may worsen the condition of other diseases.

Definition of constipation according to Rome II criteria

  • less than 3 bowel movements in a week
  • hard stools in more than 25% of cases
  • feeling of incomplete emptying of more than 25% of cases
  • necessity of manual maneuvers to facilitate the more than 25% defecation

* Normal emptying the individual. It is important that after emptying followed by a feeling of "not feeling anything and I feel fine".


The main types of constipation

  • Acute constipation - is mostly due to changes in the environment when traveling or changing your diet
  • Chronic constipation - is the result of a little bulky stools in the absence of fiber, fluids, moving or excess stress
  • Spastic constipation - often accompanied by cramping pain before defecation. It is the usual feeling inadequate emptying.
  • Inert colon - occurs in young women. Cause downturn defecation reflex is unknown. Constipation develops slowly, responding to therapy.
  • Constipation during pregnancy - is caused by the hormone progesterone, which reduces bowel movement. After giving birth usually occurs adjustment.

* For accurate diagnosis of constipation, you should visit a specialized doctor


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